Nothing Vague about ‘the Hague’ (Den Haag)

by RobS4
Side view of man and woman working at Haag table with Credenza unit in background

The Hague is an impressive city with a fascinating blend of culture. The Dutch themselves are unapologetically and refreshingly honest and it was a trip to ‘Den Haag’ that provided the inspiration for our Haag collection.

Dutch Parliament Building and Hofvijver in the Hague, Den Haag, the Netherlands

Haag reflects both the personality and aesthetic of this culture. Open, honest, understated and yet charming. A break with complexity, by baring all, Haag hides nothing whilst more than manning up to its duty.

Haag celebrates beautiful timber as close to raw as you can get. The super matt finish leaves little to the imagination. The same goes with the blackened steel legs. Unlike typical metal coating methods the blackening process provides protection without covering up the beauty of the steel.

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